When Should You Buy An Engagement Ring?

When Should You Buy An Engagement Ring?

There isn’t really that one magical time to buy the perfect engagement ring. You just have to know when to time it right. Prices, after all, vary from season to season and sometimes you have to be smart to look past the so-called “discounts” and see them for the pricey liars that they are.

Don’t become a victim of those. Know when to actually buy a ring that will tie you to your beloved for as long as you live. Avoid getting ripped off while you’re at it.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Take note that this is when prices get discounts. It’s the perfect time to buy an engagement ring, though you might find big companies who sell quality diamonds don’t really drop their prices THAT much. Still, you can save enough money before the holidays. DON’T buy diamonds during the holidays. We all know that everything else gets discounts during that buy diamonds’ prices actually skyrocket.

Before Christmas

Same with the one above, it is imperative that if you don’t want to spend too much money on the ring, especially if you want real diamonds on it, you don’t shop DUYING the holidays. Try shopping before the Christmas season, so you can propose on it or even during Valentine’s.

After Christmas, Before Valentine’s Day

Proposing on Valentine’s Day is a popular thing to do. So if you plan on doing that, buy the ring in late December or early January so you can beat the rush and can propose easily on February 14.

AFTER Valentine’s, right in Spring

With the whole rush of Valentine’s completely behind you, rings tend to go back down in prices. That is when you can also buy your ring. Maybe you plan to propose on late spring or early summer, it’s all on you.


This is more of a perfect opportunity thing than a budget thing. Summer is often the season where backdrops and romantic getaways are abundant. Plan your proposal a month or two in advance so you can propose during the summer. Maybe even invite her to a romantic summer holiday, then propose to her while you’re at somewhere romantic like Fiji or something. Use the season to your advantage.


October is often the month where it’s quiet in the jewellery industry. If you buy a ring during that time, you are guaranteed no rush and no over-the-top prices. If you wish to propose during the holidays, then you may do so and use the holidays itself to your advantage.

The point of all this is about making it perfect. Whether it should be perfect for your budget or the perfect time TO propose to her, both still should be in the equation. Don’t just hurry around it, either. Marriage is a life-changing decision.