How to Locate the Best Priced Diamonds

How to Locate the Best Priced Diamonds

Buying diamonds online is a great way to get the price you want for a beautiful quality stone. Even though conventional wisdom would tell you it’s all about the high-street stores, it’s great to get away as online stores can give you better quality jewellery at a fraction of the cost. How comes? They have less overheads to factor into their final price. Also, you will get a much wider range of diamonds to choose from all within your price ranges and desired specifications. Online retails also help to curb common fears of buying expensive stones online by offering money back guarantees and risk-free payment options. This makes it more possible than ever to buy your diamond at the best price possible from reputable diamond merchants.

How to Buy Diamonds at The Best Price – Follow these steps

When you begin your search, there are several things you want to look out for to get you the best price. Going with the 4 C’s in mind, you will gain the fundamental specs you desire whilst being able to balance out the finer details to get a balanced price.

Searching for the best price involves the following:

  • Choosing a selection of suitable carat weights
  • Choosing the best cut for you and shape
  • Choosing the best colour
  • Choosing the best clarity
  • Being wise about how symmetrical, polished and florescent the stone is
  • Going for the best certificate

Now you have these in mind, it’s time to examine the main ones in a bit more detail.

Carat weight range for optimal price

This is the stand out element as it has the biggest impact on the overall price. It should be high up on your list as the higher the carat, the bigger the diamond. However, going even a bit below a whole carat could significantly drop the price of the diamond whilst not making a huge difference to the overall look and impact of the diamond. It’s a win-win! If you are buying for your fiancée also, remember she might not even want the biggest and brightest. So, get to know what she wants before splashing out on the most expensive.

Diamond shape

Some diamond shapes are more intricate than others and will therefore have an impact on the cost. For example, round brilliant loose stones will normally be more pricey than other fancy shapes. Due to varying factors when it comes to the production of a diamond, it is wise to consider various shapes instead of going with your favourite to seek out the best deals.

Thinking about the Cut

The quality of the cut will also have a direct impact on the cost. Once you have the carat and shape down and as these aren’t standard over different retailers it can be tricky. Remember to shop around when looking so you can try and get the best deal on cut. Now you know a few things about looking for the best priced diamonds, the quality of your search should increase. As you discover what kind of diamonds you love, think about the above to get the best deals around.

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