How to Design the Best Custom Engagement Ring

How to Design the Best Custom Engagement Ring

Customised engagement rings can help you create the perfect band that represents your own unique love and relationship. The great thing about the customisation process is you can create something wonderful that fits with your budget and preferences.

You also get a one-in-a-million engagement ring to present to your loved one; who could ask for more! When you begin your design journey, you are going to want to locate diamond engagement ring specialists. Having professionals on your side that know how the process works so experts can guide you through is essential. This article will help you get one step ahead by outlining some essential steps to creating your own customised engagement ring.

Break down of the steps:

  1. Start with your centre stone – know which diamond or gemstone you want to be the feature of the ring.
  2. Send consultants the design information and any drawings you have or links to inspirations.
  3. The consultants will then work up a design on a 3D software so you can get a life-like visual of how it would look.

Experts work with you closely to bring your design to life.

As you can tell, the steps are fairly simple. There are other things to consider so you can get the most out of the process. This is because other factors such as the weight of the metal and the setting will need to be factored into the cost and design.

Choosing the centre stone

You should have a solid idea of how you want your ring to look. The centre stone should include which colour you want to choose, the shape (cut of the diamond) and how practical the diamond is for day to day wear. Knowing which shapes suit your loved one most is a good idea.

Choosing the metal 

When going through different metals and their shades, consider your partners skin tone and which will suit most. It’s also a good idea to consider the strength of the metal. Generally speaking, platinum is one of the strongest but gold is more scratch resistant. If you are thinking about white gold, think about the maintenance too as it will need to be applied again every few years to keep it looking fresh.

Knowing your timeline and budget

Get to know how much you’re willing to spend as this will limit what you can work with design wise. Once you have a clear idea of your budget, you will easily be able to locate the perfect stone and then decide how soon you want it completed. Give the process plenty of time as to create a ring from scratch can take longer than you expected. Now you have evaluated some of the factors to consider when designing your own ring, you can do things smoothly to ensure you get the perfect final result.

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