Reasons Why You Should NOT Shop At Mall Jewellery Stores

Reasons Why You Should NOT Shop At Mall Jewellery Stores

Don’t go shopping for jewellery in malls, alright? There are tons of reasons why you shouldn’t but let us spell it out for you anyway.

They mass-produce these items and sell it in low-quality

You will find that there are so many rings that are so identical to each other being sold there. It makes sense, because they mass-produce the stuff. You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of buying something really cheap and replaceable for a high price. Especially if you planned to give that to a beloved someone after saving for it for so long. Don’t make that mistake.

The diamonds there don’t sparkle and are cloudy

Inclusions are what you would call imperfections inside the diamonds. Diamonds sold in malls have that in spades, which is unfair. What makes diamonds so valuable is that they shine and sparkle and are precious. Which is why they’re the most expensive stone in the world. Seeing the sparkle is one of the joys of someone who really like jewellery.

They’re greyish and off-colour

Diamonds are supposed to be colourless or white, not greyish. Diamonds are meant to sparkle and shine and be colourless, not dirty and off-coloured. If they’re selling something like that at high prices, then that’s really a shame.

Cookie Cutter Designs

Every design you see in a mall are typically the same and are average. If you do end up buying one from there, then you can bet you’re also going to end up buying something that everyone else have already. Another reason why you shouldn’t buy diamonds at malls.

Salespeople are not necessarily gemmologists

Come on, that’s sometimes a given at this point. If you want someone that actually knows their stuff, go to a jewellers instead. They’ll guide you through some of the best stuff they have on sale, and even can customise some items for you. It’s better to wear or give a beautiful diamond ring that is unique and not the same as everyone else’s, after all.

Killer overhead that’s being passed on to you

One thing that isn’t talked about enough is the fact the mall charges are basically astronomical. It’s why most of the stuff you see being on sale in malls are so expensive, because these store owners have to pay for the rent too. They’re trying to make a living too. So if you buy a not-so-great diamond from a mall store, you’re basically just trying to pay for their rent, without something good in return for you.

So, word of advice, just go to private jewellers instead. The people behind those stores actually know what they’re selling and can guide you through some of the beautiful diamonds they sell. You should be aiming for the best, after all. Especially for something as precious as diamonds.