Important Things You Should Know About Diamonds in the G Colour Grade

Important Things You Should Know About Diamonds in the G Colour Grade

There are countless ways to categorise diamonds. From their cut to their quality and even the grade of their colour, all of these categorisations make it both easier and harder to choose the perfect diamond for an engagement ring. On one hand, it makes it harder because there are many different things to keep track of. On the other hand, once you get the list of everything down, it becomes much easier to choose the exact ring you want. For instance, understanding the colour grade of a diamond can help you save money and choose a diamond that is gorgeous to look at.

What Is the Colour Grade?

The colour grade of a diamond, as the name suggests, is the tint that a diamond has. This is much less important with fancy coloured diamonds and more focused on clear diamonds, although it can apply to the coloured diamonds as well. Generally, the colour grade ranges from D to K and sometimes extends from K to Z. D is considered to be absolutely colourless, extremely rare, and extremely valuable. They are very expensive and look just about clear aside from the cut of the diamond. On the other end of the scale, there are diamonds in the K to Z range. These have faint to light colouring and they are generally warmer colours. The colour is always visible to the naked eye, especially as you move closer to a colour grade of Z. These will generally be the cheapest diamonds that you can get and some higher-end suppliers do not even carry diamonds below a J ranking (the ranking just above K).

More often than not, both for appearances and budget, a colour grade of G is the best to go for when you are considering an engagement ring. A colour grade of G has colouring that can only be detected when compared to diamonds of better grades so it is not so tinted that it seems dirty but it is there. This also means that they are notably cheaper than the higher grades, which will be much easier on your wallet when looking at an engagement ring.

Why Should You Choose G Colour Grade?

There are three reasons why you should be looking at the colour grade of G for your diamond needs. One of the most obvious reasons is that it is going to be much easier on your wallet than an F, E, or D colour grade diamond. This leaves you with more money to perfect the ring in other ways. Another reason is that it almost looks colourless unless you place it side by side with a diamond of a higher colour. If you can get near-perfect quality for a fraction of the price, there is little reason why you shouldn’t. And, finally, diamonds of a G colour grade are going to be easiest to pair with a metal band. While they go best with a yellow-gold colour, you can place them in just about any colour band and they will still look spectacular.