Looking For The Coloured Contact Lenses That Suit You

Looking For The Coloured Contact Lenses That Suit You

Not going to lie, there are a lot of coloured contacts to choose from and while they are really pretty all and in on itself, they may not match you based on your skin tone or hair. So why don’t I give some suggestions? Because I too, have trouble. If I’m going to be searching some good lenses for myself, then I might as well give out advice and suggestions for all of you who want to know too.

With that, let’s start with:


Lucky for you all of you blondies out there, your hair matches a lot of coloured contacts. For example, you would look really great in all kinds of shades in blue, whether it’s light or dark. Your blonde hair would also look amazing in green contacts, which is my personal favorite that could match that hair colour. And lastly, for those who want to look a bit different but amazing all the same, try out violent coloured ones. They provide quite a mystical kind of look for you and will definitely turn a lot of heads.


This is by far my favorite hair colour and the best lenses that would go with this are green ones. The perfect contrast to these colours are beautiful and very striking. If I was a red-head, I would wish I was green-eyed too because it creates a very ginger appearance, which I think is adorable and feisty. It’s not just my opinion either because feelgoodcontacts also agree. Allaboutvision also talks about how the skin tone matches the eyes too so make sure to check them out.


Now on a regular day, I would pair this up with hazel coloured lenses or any shade of brown, really. They match and create this casual beauty like no other. But to make it special and look so natural and pretty, pair it with a darker shade of green. Brown hair with green eyes is a wonderful pair that I wouldn’t easily wave aside. The stark contrast with the brown and green is enough to make people do a double take. Don’t dismiss this pair because it is amazing.


I have raven or black hair. And while my eye colour is naturally dark-brown, I would say that it’s a very common combination so I change it up by putting on blue contacts of any shade. Whether it be cobalt blue—which I HIGHLY recommend if you’re a raven-head too—or a baby blue and maybe even a sky blue type of blue, the results are still going to be just as stunning.

On the other hand, having dark hair is like having blonde hair because any kind of colour still matches it perfectly. So don’t be afraid to try on different kinds of colours, yeah? But just to be sure, choose the lenses that don’t hurt your eyes. I’ve tried on so many colours and brands myself however choosing a cheap brand caused my eye to become irritated.

No matter what kind of colour or brand you choose, always be careful with which you eventually pick up, okay? These are your eyes we’re talking about.