Fun Facts You Need to Know about Coloured Diamonds

Fun Facts You Need to Know about Coloured Diamonds

Diamonds! Ah, those heart warming small stones that seemed to capture the hearts of women upon first glance. Diamonds have been around on this planet for millions of years. The use of diamond in jewellery can be traced back thousands of years ago, specifically in the ancient Egypt times. Until now, you can still see diamond encrusted solid silver bangles on display in boutiques and shops everywhere.

White diamonds have been commonly used in jewellery; however, there are lot of people who have taken interest in coloured diamonds. Here are 8 facts you should know about coloured diamonds:

Pink Diamonds –

• Like the white ones, coloured diamonds are formed from extreme heat and pressure found within the mantle of the earth. Different colours are produced when carbon atoms are mixed with other elements found deep within the mantle.

• Coloured diamonds are considered to be more exotic and valuable due to their natural hues.

• For many centuries, coloured diamonds were used as talismans due to their mystical properties.

• The most popular yellow diamond was discovered in the Kimberley Mines in South Africa in 1878.

• Small quantities of pink diamonds were discovered in India, Brazil, and South Africa. However, they tend to have an extremely faint colour.

• In 1979, more pink diamonds were discovered in the Argyle mine in Northwest Australia. These diamonds were labelled fancy because of their intense saturations.

• Coloured diamonds are more durable compared to transparent ones. They are not easily affected by environmental elements, such as humidity, or changing temperature.

• They are extremely rare. It is believed that for every carat of coloured diamond, there are at least 10,000 carats of transparent diamonds mined.

Since there is a big market for coloured diamond rings, buyers should ensure they really are getting the best quality. With just enough understanding and research regarding the kinds of fancy diamonds out there, buyers will have no problem at all finding the perfect piece to add to their collection. One of the most popular fancy coloured diamonds sold in the market today is the Pink Argyle diamonds. Do you have other things in mind to add? Let us know in the comments!

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