Great Diamond Cuts to Consider for an Engagement Ring

Great Diamond Cuts to Consider for an Engagement Ring

Finding the right engagement ring for the woman you love can be stressful, but when you take time to consider various diamond cuts, then the process is a lot easier. Knowing what cuts she likes and how those look in a ring makes it easy to find a cut that is attractive and will continue to look amazing.


The round diamond cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts and has been for years. This is for good reason, as this cut is very attractive and really helps to showcase the style and beauty of the diamond. The shape also looks great on most women and does a wonderful job setting a diamond engagement ring apart from other similar options. It works very well on both larger and smaller diamonds, which means that it’s generally easy to find a round cut diamond in any price range.


The marquise cut does a great job of maximising carat weight, which means that diamonds will look bigger than if they were cut into another shape. This is especially powerful when performed by an expert at a jewellery store in Brisbane, as they will not only do a great job cutting the diamond, but making sure that it is in an attractive setting. The setting helps to show off the shape of the diamond and makes it look even bigger than it is.


Thanks to the way that these diamonds are cut, they tend to be very flashy and to shine a lot more than other cuts. This is true even if they are in a square or a more rectangular shape. Thanks to the way that they are cut, they emit a very unique colour that is shown not only in the middle of the diamond, but also in the corners of the diamond, as well.

Any of these three great diamond shapes are great for an engagement ring and are sure to make the ring really stand out. They are all designed to help showcase the natural beauty and the style of the ring and to ensure that the diamond shines and sparkles. Choosing the right cut is a matter of personal preference, but any of these cuts are sure to make the love of your life very happy.