Diamonds – The Hardest Gemstone In The World

Diamonds – The Hardest Gemstone In The World

I say it can be used as a weapon due to the fact that it’s supposedly able to cut glass. And if that tiny thing is able to cut glass, then SURELY it can cut through skin—?

Okay, don’t get any ideas about mutilation and murder, this is just a hypothetical thought. If diamonds are known to be the hardest gemstones on Earth, then theoretically it should be possible for it to make some serious damage should you encounter a foolish felon trying to mug you, right? Right?

Now hold on, girls, don’t get too excited. Kindly put down your earrings and your stilettos, all of this information isn’t necessarily cut and dry. You need to know that while diamonds CAN cut through glass, it still needs to be measured on the Mohs scale before you can determine if it can cut through the glass that you want to try it on.

Now, what exactly is the Mohs scale?

The Mohs scale was devised by this Austrian name Friedrich Moh. It’s supposed to be when you measure a mineral and its general toughness and resistance to damage and scratching. For example, the softest Mohs scale is one while the hardest is 10, which belongs to the diamond only.

Okay, so diamonds are measured and scaled to be the hardest. Shouldn’t that make it enough of a proof that it CAN cut through glass and potential weirdos who have nothing better to do that harass ladies in streets and alleyways?

Well, YES, you can certainly try your best in plunging that tiny earring of yours into your target’s skin (I suggest the eye), however, think about it. The amount of time you manage to actually dig that thing into him, he already pulled out a knife or a gun and is pointing it at you. Unless you’re some kind of miracle-worker, you would be dead on the ground before you could even attempt to hurt him.

Girl, just use a pepper spray. They’re easier. Your diamond jewellery and stiletto boots are back-ups. Use THEM when you’re desperate. As for now, have a pepper spray on the go.

Back to cutting glass, that glass also has to be measured on the Mohs scale before you plan on doing some experimentation yourself. Work on the size of your diamond to make it easy. Glass is around 6 to 7 on the scale anyway so you wouldn’t have to worry about your test failing. Because of this value, it really is no wonder that diamonds are super expensive to purchase. Longmontjewelers has a more in-depth explanation about the hardest gemstones in the world so make sure to check that out. Some of the other hard gemstones happen to be Ruby and Sapphire. If you have those too then feel free to do your own experiments on them too.