Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring Style for Her

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring Style for Her

Trying to decide what kind of engagement ring to get your loved one can be tough, but it can be several times more difficult when you are planning to present it to her as a complete surprise. After all, you can’t just ask what she wants in a ring. Instead, you will have to determine what her engagement ring style is through various personality traits.

Figuring Out Her Personal Style

First things first, before you can go to any of the best diamond jewellery stores in Parramatta, you must decide what her personal style is. You can generally gauge this off the way she acts, dresses, communicates, and carries herself. Chances are you have a good idea of her personality at this point, so this should be relatively easy to do.

Ring Types Based Off Personal Style

For people who tend to be minimalistic with a touch of modernism, you will want to opt for a thinner pave band with relatively plain prongs. Make sure that the focus point of the ring is the diamond and that there aren’t any unnecessary aspects to the ring.

More practical women might enjoy an “invisible” ring. This type of ring keeps the stone sitting very close to the hand. This eliminates any extra metal in between the stone and the hand, making the ring more discreet and better suited to hands-on professions that a practical woman might take on.

Women who are more on the girly side of things might enjoy a classic engagement ring, otherwise known as a double edge halo. With the perfect setting and a little bit of extra glitz, a girly woman will probably be incredibly happy with a traditional engagement ring.

Romantic women will probably want something a little bit more than the classic. A cathedral-style band in a rose gold colour will get the job done wonderfully. This bold and elegant ring outshines the traditional engagement ring and is perfect for women who are more in touch with their romantic side.

Edgier women might prefer a unique design with a sleek appearance. A Bezel-set centre stone is going to draw attention with its stunningly smooth appearance, which is something that these women can appreciate deeply. A Bezel-set centre is also a wonderful choice for women who prefer more vintage-style rings and accessories.

Some women prefer to flaunt their glamorous side, and a three-row pave band is going to get the job done wonderfully. This large, bold design will surely catch the eyes of anyone who even glances at the ring once, which is perfect for a woman who adores her glamour.

Finally, bold women are probably going to want a bold ring to match, so why not go all out? With a heart-shaped gemstone centre, this engagement ring is not only unique, but it also shows exactly how much you care for her with all your heart. You even have the chance to choose her favourite colour when picking out the gemstone.