A Few Things To Note When Celebrating With Champagne Diamonds

A Few Things To Note When Celebrating With Champagne Diamonds

Champagne is among those drinks you can easily find in all sorts of celebrations around the world, and while the term often refers to a sparkling beverage, it has found its way in something more precious and more rare than wine – diamonds. If you’re thinking of celebrating a milestone in your relationship such as an engagement, champagne diamonds are among the best options.

Champagne diamonds on your engagement ring would go well with the drinks and champagne glasses clinking together after a toast of congratulations. If you are someone who appreciates the colour that reminds you of these types of occasions, this article will provide you with the information you need to know, especially if you are ever in the market for purchasing this type of gem. You get to discover how champagne diamonds are made and the process involved in order to achieve the perfect diamond.

How Champagne Diamonds Are Created

One of the most common methods used in order to create this gem is by using nitrogen. Nitrogen is used because it gives the stones their characteristic yellowish appearance. Champagne diamonds are actually light brown coloured stones that tend to have a slight yellow tint to them. They range from medium brown to a deeper, brighter yellow or orange tint that can, yes, appear to be a replica of champagne.

How did champagne stones get their beautiful appearance? The answer lies in the structure of the gem. Like many other diamonds, champagne diamonds are comprised of protein crystal structures. The crystal structures contain nitrogen, which is the element that gives champagne diamonds their visibility of being sparkly. The presence of nitrogen makes the gem shine just as brightly as any other gem.

In order to achieve the desired colour intensity, the sparkle is made even more brilliant by using a process called irradiation. This is a fancy way of saying that the gem is blasted with electrons at high energy. When the sparkle is this bright, it is much easier to make sure that the sparkles that you see in the stone are truly what you are looking at. This makes the gem worth much more than what you would pay for it in the jewellery store.

Argyle Mine Diamonds

Image Source: Unsplash

Being mined in the Western Australia region is another thing that contributes to the skyrocketing price of champagne diamonds. Western Australia is located on the beautiful Australia coast, and the Western Australian Argyle Diamond Mine, since its inception, has been the main mining source for the best quality of loose champagne diamonds Australia could ever offer. This gem mine also contributes heavily to the production of other types of diamonds in the world.

If you want an incredible engagement ring that will blow people’s socks off when they see it, then a champagne diamond is among the many unique choices. These beautiful, naturally coloured gems are going to make an excellent choice for any ring that you choose.

If you want something a little cheaper that still looks amazing, there are definitely lots of places you can look at. However, apart from the price, you have to make sure the dealer or the jewellery shop you would be getting your gems from can assure you of the authenticity of their pieces.